All components to make Mystical Ocean Necklace



This includes all components to make the Mystical Ocean necklace. Comes unassembled. Instructions not included.


  • 1 - 28mm Lampwork Glass Coin Bead
  • 1 Framed Scrollwork Pendant
  • 1 Passion Flower Petal Filigree
  • 4 Oval Wrap Filigree Beads
  • 4 - 8mm Etruscan Bead Caps
  • 21" Vintaj Fine Oval Brass Chain
  • 4 - 1" Nickel Free Brass Eye Pins
  • 2 - 1.5" Nickel Free Brass Eye Pins
  • 13 Teardrop Glass Beads (Blue Ocean)
  • 1 - 24x11mm Natural Brass Hook

You will need round nose pliers, chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers, flush cutters, bench block, and hammer to complete this project, not included.

To make the pendant, you'll need to combine the framed scrollwork pendant, large coin bead, and the passion flower filigree.

  1. Hammer the center of the passion flower filigree on a bench block. This way, it will conform to the shape of the coin bead more closely. A chasing hammer works best, but other types of hammers may do the trick as well. (Truth be told, I used the end of a bead reamer and pounded it on a cement floor. I was at a show when I made this and had no other more suitable tools.)
  2. Use round nose pliers to bend the tips of the passion flower filigree so that it will go around the framed scrollwork pendant with the coin bead inside.
  3. With the passion flower filigree, the coin bead, and the framed scrollwork sandwiched together, roll the tips of the passion flower against the bench block, applying pressure as you roll. This tightens the tips of the passion flower against the pendant to make the assembly more secure.

The cluster of 3 teardrops and bead caps are on 1.5" eye pins. The oval filigree beads are on 1" eye pins. For instructions to make the eye pin linkage, see the free technique sheet on "Basic Linking" found on our Instructional Videos & Free Technique Sheets page.

The single tear drops are dangling from one link of the fine oval chain. The links of this chain are not soldered; they open and close like jump rings.

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