Rainbow Rondelle

We offer the ingredients to make this radiant bracelet individually, or buy all the components together as one item.  This bracelet is also available already assembled.  Ingredients include:
  • 15 Faceted glass rondelle beads in a variety of colors
  • 16 Rhinestone rondelle crystal beads
  • 2 Saucer beads
  • 2 Crimp covers
  • 2 Crimp tubes 2x2
  • 2.5" chain
  • 10" of Softflex beading cord- medium
  • 1 Magnetic clasp
Tools needed: crimping pliers, chain nose pliers and flush cutters, not included. 

Inside length of finished bracelet is about 7 1/2."

First string up all the beads.  Add a crimp tube to the end, string the beading wire through the loop of the magnetic clasp, then through the last link of the chain.  Put the end of the wire back through the crimp tube, and crimp the crimp tube.  Do the same thing on the other side.

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