Creative Hoop

The ingredients to make this lovely bracelet are:
1 Vintaj nickel-free brass butterfly charm
1 Red and green leaves glass bead
2 12mm Vintaj nickel-free brass filigree bead caps
1 1" nickel free brass eyepins
1 Vintaj Creative Hoop

 Tools & Supplies:
  Chain nose pliers or Flat nose pliers
  Round nose pliers
  Flush cutters

Step by step instructions:

Make the bead link:
  1. String the two bead caps and the bead onto the non-looped end of the eye pin.
  2. Hold the looped end of the eye pin and cut approximately 3/16" - 1/4" above the bead using flush cutters.
  3. Holding the bead onto the eye pin securely with your fingers, use the round nose pliers to grip the non-looped end of the eye pin.
  4. While still holding securely, rotate the wire to form a loop.  The wire will be coiled into a loop, but it will not be symmetrical.
  5. Put the tip of the round nose pliers into the loop and rotate, until the loop is symmetrical over the bead.
  6. Use chain nose pliers to make any adjustments.  If necessary, cut off extra wire with flush cutter.
Link the bead link with creative hoop.
  1. Open the loop of the eye pin by gripping the end of the wire with chain nose pliers and making a twisting motion, opening it side to side. Don't stretch the eye pin by widening the loop.
  2. Hook the open loop to the loop of the creative hoop and then close the loop of the eye pin.
  3. Repeat on the other side of the bead link with the other loop of the creative hoop.
Add the butterfly charm.
  1. Open the jump ring by pushing one end forward and the other in the opposite direction. You may use two pairs of chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers, or one pair of pliers and your fingernail. 
  2. Slide the jump ring through the loop on the end of the bead link. Leaving the jump ring open, slide it through the loop of the butterfly charm.
  3. Close your jump ring with your chain nose pliers.
There!  You did it!

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