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Cutter comparison

Which flush cutter do I use for my jewelry-making project? Serious jewelry artists have multiple pairs of wire cutters, each used for different purposes. Read the descriptions below to see which one is best for your project. If you are doing both wirework and beading, you will probably want one of each of these quality tools.

Name of Cutter Ideal Usage Rockwell Hardness

BeadSmith PL410/ Xuron 2175 Flush cutter

A great beginner's cutter. Being flush, it will cut right next to your crimp or wire wrap with out leaving a pointy end.

It is great for beading wire, though with a Rockwell hardness less than steel, SoftFlex wire will dull the cutters with extensive usage. It is a great cutter for the price, so if you use them so much that they get dull, upgrade to a better cutter. Then keep these as a second pair.

Cuts soft wire up to 14 gauge. Do not use these for memory wire or other hard wires because they will put little dents in your blades.

55 - 57

EuroTool ITR-5000-R
Beadsmith PL5000 Ultra-Flush Cutter

This Italian-made ultra-flush cutter makes an absolutely straight cut - with no "shelf edge" left over on the wire.

Perfect when making fused chain so that the two sides of the wire will be absolutely flush with each other. Also good for making a jump ring out of the cut pieces of chain. If you use this with SoftFlex or other steel wires, it will dull these cutters. Do not use these for memory wire or other hard wires because they will put little dents in your blades.

Cuts wire up to 14g.


The combination of the hardness or this cutter, the flush cut and pointy tip makes these ideal for SoftFlex and Beadalon. It is heavenly to use!

The flush cutting edge stays sharp longer than "Razor" flush or ultra-flush, and the imperceptible ridge is insignificant in stringing projects. The pointy tip gets into the tiniest places.

Cuts wire up to 16g. Do not use these on memory wire.


Hi Tech Memory Wire Cutter

This is a great economical cutter for the very hard metals, such as memory wire, snowflake forms, or some base metal chains.

The cut is not really flush, but they do cut extremely hard metals. I did not see a difference between these and the memory wire cutters that cost $17./ pair.


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