Easy! Great for beginners!

This is a project that is great for beginners, or anyone who wants to do something easy and get gorgeous results.  Use round nose pliers to shape the square dapt filigree to house the crystal or glass stone.  Set the stone in the housing.  With your fingers, give it an extra squish, to hold the stone secure.  Here's the trick to make sure the stone doesn't fall out of the setting: bend the bottom of the filigree only a little bit (like you see in the picture).  Then bend the sides so they point a little bit downward, holding the top sides of the rivoli.  You know it is secure if you try to push the rivoli out of the setting & it doesn't come out.  The filigree is forgiving if you need to make adjustments to the bends.

Slip the finished setting onto the earwires. For additional tips & techniques, download our free technique sheets! If you're in the San Francisco bay area, take our Vintaj Filigree Wrap & Design Class!

Wear & enjoy the compliments!


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