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Eyeglass Holder Kit


Wire, hardware and instructions to make one eyeglass holder - up to 28”

Contains: SoftFlex medium wire, silver crimp beads, eyeglass holder attachments, and instructions.

Ideal for glass, gem, natural or crystal beads. Make a professional-quality eyeglass holder. See why even craft-phobic people say, "It can't be any easier than that!"

1. Open kit without kinking wire.
2. String beads on wire.
3. When you have reached the desired length, put on crimp tube.
4. Put wire through jump ring.
5. Feed wire back down crimp tube.
6. Pull wire until jump ring slides against beads, allowing some slack for proper drape.
7. Crush crimp tube with pliers.
8. Cut off excess wire with wire cutters.
9. Put on your necklace & get ready for the compliments!

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