Silver Filled 925/10

Jewelry making is affordable again the new Silver filled components. Silver filled is hundreds of times thicker than silver-plating, has the same properties as sterling silver and can be soldered. 

With silver-filled products, the silver is mechanically bonded to a brass core for a sturdy structure, a much stronger bond than silver plating.  Though everyone is unique, people with sensitive skin are likely to wear silver-filled components safely without a reaction.

Not all products called silver filled are the same. We carry 925/10 silver filled components, which is comprised of 10% silver.  This is twice as high than 925/20 silver-filled products, which only contain 5% silver. Some other well-known online suppliers carry 925/20.

Bead Inspirations now has silver-filled components in stock online and in our Alameda retail store.

Read more about the different types of metals available on our page "Choosing Your Metal."

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