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Instructions for Woodland Glade Necklace

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Techniques Used

Tools Needed

Step By Step Instructions

Note: With this Vintaj chain, you won't need your flush cutters! Just open and close the links of the chain with your chain nose (flat nose) pliers. It's even easier if you use 2 chain nose pliers, one in each hand, to open and close the loops of the chain, as the links are fairly stiff. No wasted chain!
  1. Place an Ornate Bead Cap, the lampwork glass bead, and another Ornate Bead Cap on the ball pin.
  2. Make a simple loop at the top of the ball pin with round nose pliers or a 1-step looper.
  3. Open the 5.25mm nickel-free brass jump ring and use it to encircle the branch of the Woodland Toggle set. Then link the jump ring on the back side of the branch to the Fine Oval Chain. The 5.25mm jump ring is the perfect size to not slide off either side of the branch!
  4. On the other end of the Fine Oval Chain, open the last link, slip it through the hole at the top of the Woodland Toggle "ring," and close the link.
  5. Using one link of the Elongated Oval Chain, center it on the bottom "V" groove of the Woodland Toggle "ring," attach the loop of the wrapped lampwork bead, and close the link.
  6. You may wish to use a polishing cloth to brighten up the chain and raised spots of the Woodland Toggle, so all the metals match.


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