Instructions for Illumination Earrings

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Techniques Used

Tools Needed

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Make two of these units:
    • On a head pin, place a Swarovski 4mm crystal bicone, an ornate bead cap, an aqua calcite bead, another ornate bead cap, and another Swarovski 4mm crystal.
    • Smoosh the assembly together so the bead caps nestle up next to the aqua calcite bead. ("smoosh" is the technical term.)
    • Make a simple loop at the end of the headpin.
  2. Open the loop on one of the ear wires. Attach one of the units you made in Step 1 above to the opened loop. Close the loop.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for the other earring.

CONGRATULATIONS! These beautiful pair of earrings makes an elegant accessory to any outfit, or make a cool gift!

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