Design Challenge - Summer Heat Glazed Clay Beads

Bead Inspirations' Design Challenge: "Summer Heat"
Glazed Clay Beads!
Voting closed Sunday, July 28, 2013.  Winner will be announced Wednesday, July 28, 2013.
Glazed Clay Bead Design Challenge Entries

Summer is a season of inspiration: the hot sun shining down on land and water, enjoying nature's beauty at the park and the beach, traveling to new places and taking in new experiences.  Here’s your chance to show your creative spirit with inspiring jewelry of your own design using glazed clay beads from Bead Inspirations.  These handmade beads come in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes, making them perfect for all kinds of jewelry and creative projects.  Just like these beads are baked from wet clay in the heat of a kiln, let your creative ideas take shape in the heat of the summer sun!  Grab your bead tray, tools, and findings, because it's time to start creating!  

The results are now in! And the winner is...

John Salinas with his Silver Blue Jeans Dangle Earrings!

“After taking the earring making how to class at Bead Inspirations, I’ve had fun making them. Silver Blue Jeans was created because I like the look of the clay beads, the color and spotted pattern reminds me of well washed jean pants. Silver beads were added for a sparkle. The versatility of jean pants for casual to casual dressy, I feel that I’ve also shown in the earrings. Adding the chain, to make them dangle, is something new in creating earrings that I’m currently trying out!”

With the elegant combination of blue glazed clay beads and silver chain, it's easy to see why John's earrings were the popular favorite. It's great to hear that our Basic Earring and Wire class gave him the skills he needed to start making beautiful earrings like these, and that he's still experimenting with new materials and techniques like adding chain to make elegant dangles. Congratulations, John! We look forward to seeing more of your creations in the future. Enjoy your $50 Bead Inspirations webstore gift certificate.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and voted! We received many other fantastic entries, so make sure you stop by our blog to see them all and read about the inspiration behind them!

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