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Beadsmith Slimline pliers. 120mm long. Red PVC handle. 

We consider these an excellent choice for beginners.  The nose narrows to a fine tip, which allows you to make nice small loops.  The nose is smoothly machined, so they don't scratch your wire. Some of the cheapy pliers on the market that you'll get for the same low price, but they'll have wide tips, and won't be smoothly machined.

For small-to-medium hands, the handles are very comfortable. There is a built-in spring, which makes these easy to use ergonomically. If you really use these alot, eventually the box joint will get a little loose; and that means that you're ready to upgrade to the German-made or Lindstrom round nose pliers.  In spite of this, they are good quality and a great value; we recommend these as the best choice economically for beginners.

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