Tronex Hard Edge Taper Flush Cutter - Long Handle


Tronex Model 7222

The combination of the hardness or this cutter, the flush cut and pointy tip makes these ideal for SoftFlex and Beadalon. It is heavenly to use!

Flush Cut
Both cutting edges receive a tiny bevel by diamond honing over the entire outer length. The bevels are at 60 degrees to the plane of the cutting surface. They are no more than 0.12mm in width and thus form an exceptionally small V-shaped groove along the edges. This beveling also results in a rugged and very long-lasting cutting edge interface. It also yields only the tinniest raised surface, or "pinch", on the cut lead. Many users of Tronex cutters believe that the Flush edge finish provides the most desirable balance between long cutting life, flush cut leads, and cost. The flush cutting edge stays sharp longer than "Razor" flush or ultra-flush, and the imperceptible ridge is insignificant in stringing projects. The pointy tip gets into the tiniest places.

Cuts wire up to 16g.


  • Cuts before edges become dull (Often hundreds of thousands of cuts are possible)
  • Cutting access in small or confined areas
  • Cutting fine wire equal to or thinner than the width of a human hair
  • Cutting fine hard wire (Wire made from stainless steel or tungsten can be cut without nicking of cutter edges)
  • Cutting exceptionally flush

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