Instructions for Dragonfly Fantasy Necklace

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Techniques Used

  • Basic Linking technique (PDF)
  • Making a flat crimp
  • Opening and closing a jump ring
  • Making a wrapped loop
  • Assembling a toggle clasp

Tools Needed

Step By Step Instructions

You will assemble the main necklace first, then the pendant, and finally you will add the filigree wrapped lampwork beads with chain on each side.

  1. Assemble the following components on 1" eye pins:
    • SET 1: 4 units of the following: Topaz 4mm bicone crystal, Daisy bead cap, Pacific Opal 8mm round crystal, Daisy bead cap, topaz 4mm bicone crystal
    • SET 2: 6 units of the following: Erinite 4mm bicone crystal, Daisy bead cap, Crystal Copper 8mm round crystal, Daisy bead cap, erinite 4mm bicone crystal
    • SET 3: 3 units of the following: Filigree bead on eyepin
  2. Make two of the following components using your 24g wire (gun metal Artistic Wire or Vintaj bronze wire):
    Make a wrapped loop on one end of the wire. String on a Erinite 4mm bicone, a 12mm Filigree Bead Cap, an olive & green lampwork bead, and then another 12mm Filigree Bead Cap, and another Erinite 4mm bicone. Then wrap the other end.
  3. Make the Bead Pod Toggle Bar:
    Put the size 8/0 seed beads on a 1” headpin and slip it in the bead pod. The headpin keeps the seed beads lined up. Carefully close the end of the pod with pliers, careful not to mar it. When assembling (below), you will hook it to an eyepin.
  4. Assemble the Main Necklace:
    • Opening and closing links of the eyepins and chain as you go, link the following: 3 chain links, Set 1, 3 links, Set 1, 5 chain links, Set 3, 2 chain links, Set 2, 7 chain links, Set 3, 7 chain links, Set 2, 5 chain links, Set 3, 3 chain links, set 1, 3 chain links, Set 1, and 4 chain links.
    • Attach one end of the chain you have assembled to the Waterlily Toggle Ring, using the jump ring.
    • Attach the other end of the chain to the Bead Pod Toggle Bar, opening and closing the chain link
  1. Assemble the Lampwork Bead Units:
    • Make 2 units with the lampwork beads of the following: Set 2, Set 4, Set 2
    • Join one of the above lampwork units you just made to the second link above the Waterlily Pendant of the assembled main necklace; join the other side to the middle link of the set of 5 links of the necklace. Do the same on the other side of the necklace (refer to the website picture for help).


  1. Assemble the Pendant:
    With the remaining lampwork bead unit you assembled, fasten one end to the bottom of the Waterlily Pendant, and then make a wrapped loop. On the other end, fasten to the Art Deco Dragonfly on one of the loops formed by its antennae.

Admire your beautiful necklace, and expect to get compliments galore!

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