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Letter & Number Punch Set - 1/8"


This 36pc metal alphabet stamping set includes the alphabet, numbers and the "&" symbol. Made of tempered steel for years of service, these sets are economical, compact, extremely useful, and come to you in a durable plastic box. Punches are 2-3/8" in length with a character height of 1/8" (3.0mm).
Here is a sample of the letters:
     Fly away
Stamping is a great way to personalize jewelry for friends and family! It's easy to do. Set your dog tag or other item to be stamped on the bench block. You'll use your regular ol' household hammer and a bench block. Set the charm or blank on the bench block, and then set the stamp where you want to make the impression. Give it a good solid whack! You could practice on wood to get the hang of it, then on the dog tag.

Don't worry about getting the letters perfectly straight, there is a lot of charm in having them be a little crooked. But if you want to stay in a straight line, put a piece of tape on your charm just below where you are stamping. Also, you could mark a little dot with a sharpie where each letter will be stamped so you can "lay out" your design before committing with the stamp.

After you're all done, to make the impressions really stand out, here's the trick: draw over the letters with a "Sharpie" and then just wipe off the excess with a damp paper towel. Voila!

The sample below is a tag for Sara's cat Conway.  It uses the Nunn Design Ornate Flat Tag Oval, with a 1/8" Letter Punch set and Heart design stamp.

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