Dolphin Dance

The ingredients to make this stunning aquatic necklace are as follows:
  • 2 16" strands of shell cube beads
  • 1 Asian Marine Dolphin Pendant
  • 1 Deco Diamond Filigree Connector
  • 1 2-strand Bronze Tube Clasp
  • 1 7.25mm Jump ring
  • Antique Brass Daisy Spacers (get 262 of them for a 7"strand)
  • 4 Antique Bronze Plated 1.5 Crimps
  • 36" of Medium or Fine Bronze SoftFlex  Beading Cord (use Fine for freshwater pearls)
String up your beads and finish off the necklace with crimps at the clasp. For this type of design, make all three strands approximately the same length. It's OK if it isn't exact.  Twist the strands and then fasten the clasp. You will need chain nose pliers, and flush cutters to complete this project.

We recommend using the bail making pliers to bend the Deco Diamond Filigree smoothly around into a bail.  Then slide the bail around the strands that you've strung. Put a jump ring through the two holes near the point, and through the Asian Dolphin pendant.  This necklace not only looks spectacular, it feels really good to wear!

If you'd like, make one using freshwater pearls!  The one shown below uses three strands:

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