Vintaj Filigree Butterfly Necklace Design

Create \r\nyour own fairy silk necklace. Dangle your ones-ies: beautiful pearls, crystals \r\nand glass drops from this ornate filigree butterfly inspired by the vibrant colors \r\nof spring into summer.

  • 5.25mm Vintaj Nickel-free \r\nBrass Jump Ring
  • 15mm Vintaj Nickel-free Brass Jump Ring
  • 38 \r\nx 46mm Vintaj Nickel-free Brass Filigree Butterfly Pendant
  • 2" \r\n24g Plated Head Pin
  • Gun metal colored Artistic Wire 24g
  • Hand \r\ndyed silk ribbon
  • Glass \r\nteardrop bead
\r\nRound Nose Pliers
\r\nChain Nose Pliers
\r\nFlush cutters



Step \r\n1: Create your pendant.
A: String one crystal, two different pearls, \r\nand one fire polish glass onto a 24g head pin.
B: Form a wrapped loop. Begin \r\nwith a 90 degree bend near the top of your bead. Use your round nose pliers to \r\nform a simple loop with the tail overlapping. Wrap the tail tightly down the neck \r\nof the wire to create coils.
C: Cut off the end of a pearl head pin and \r\nstring one pressed glass leaf on to the center of pin. Bring both sides above \r\nthe bead, make a wrapped loop.
D: Using 2 pairs of chain nose pliers attach \r\neach drop to a 5.25mm jump ring.
E: Slide 5.25mm jump rings containing the drops \r\nto a 15mm jump ring, set aside.

\r\nStep 2: Attach Butterfly to Dangles.
A: Using round nose pliers, \r\ncurl the butterflies tail up behind raised side of filigree.
B: Slide the \r\n15mm jump ring containing drops to the looped tail of butterfly, close jump ring \r\nsecurely with chain nose pliers.

Step \r\n3: Attach Pendant to Silk.
A: String one glass teardrop bead onto \r\nthe center of the silk.
B: Using your chain nose pliers, attach a 5.25mm jump \r\nring to each side of the top of butterfly.
C: Loop the jump rings through \r\nthe silk, one on each side of glass drop, before closing the jump rings completely.


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