Golden Ocean Tuesday

Golden Ocean Tuesday Necklace

We offer the ingredients to make this fun necklace individually as well as a necklace kit. This necklace is also available already assembled. The diameter of this necklace is adjustable and is approximately 20.5" inches.


  • 22 4mm brass oxide plated beaded Heishi spacers
  • 22 3mm brass oxide plated Heishi disk beads
  • 6 Vintaj Pineapple beads
  • 10 Vintaj nickel-free brass 1" eyepins
  • 1 Vintaj nickel-free brass 1.5" eyepin
  • 4 10mm round beads
  • 1 Trapezoid focal bead
  • 1 20 x 7mm Vintaj standard hook
  • 1 11.5" Vintaj brass fine oval chain
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