Pro Electric Bead Reamer


Affordable an lightweight, the Pro-Electric Bead Reamer is an easy-to-operate tool for drilling, smoothing and reaming beads! Drill new holes in objects like shells and stones, enlarge unevenly-drilled holes or smooth out existing ones. Use the small and larger pointed reamers for enlarging holes and use the cone-shaped 45 degree edger to smooth the edges of holes. The variable speed gives you lots of control over your work - from 1,000 to 20,000 rpm.

Set Includes:

  • One Bead Reamer
  • 3 Diamond Coated Tips: Small, Large and 45 degree edger
  • 2 replacement chucks
  • One AC adapter

Made by EuroTool.

Tip: When drilling beads using the motorized bead reamer, operate it with the drill bit ONLY under a running stream of cool water to prevent the diamond bit from overheating. Be careful not to submerge the drill or expose the cord to the stream of water

Always use safety glasses when using this tool.

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