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Basic Necklace/ Bracelet-made by students 

Carrie used rhodochrosite beads with sterling silver and Swarovski pearls. Love it!


Camille used Swarovski pearls and crystals. Elegant!

Kristen used seedbeads, furnace glass, and gemstones to make this hot necklace.

Diana made this glass and sterling silver bracelet to match her beautiful ring.

Glass leaves and Swarovski pearls with a lovely toggle clasp make this bracelet fresh as spring!

Tony says guys can do this too, and after taking our classes is now selling his jewelry. He's got the bling!

Student testimonials for Basic Necklace/Bracelet Class:
  • "Now THAT was really really fun! Thank you for that class and the time to learn how to make professional looking jewelry."
  • "The instructor was excellent."
  • "I can't believe I made this!"
  • "I appreciated having the time to bead without distractions!"
  • "I actually finished something for a change
Basic Earrings-made by students 

Charoite beads, Czech glass rondelles, brass & silver-plated spacers and sterling silver findings made by Judith

Sherrie used cloisonne and crystal to make these clip-on earrings.

Shell pearl beads, Swarovski rhinestone orbs, sterling silver beads made by Kate

Student testimonials for Basic Earring & Wire Class:

  • "Thank you so much for your inspiring class. I honestly didn't think that I'd have the skills or patience to produce much of anything, so when I went home with three pairs of VERY CUTE earrings, I was thrilled! More importantly though, I left your workshop without all of the stress of the day that I had originally brought in and with a new skill. I've enjoyed showing all of my craft-y friends my new earrings, and look forward to joining you again for the next class."
  • "It was easier than I thought it would be! I loved the creativity of it."
  • "The instructor did a great job of providing tips and going through the steps at a comfortable pace."
  • "I really liked the small class size. I received lots of individual attention & assistance."
  • "I appreciated the clear communication I had with the instructor, and her samples were GREAT! I'm inspired to do future projects
Wirework Necklace Class Projects-made by students

Wire Work Necklace above uses glass and sterling silver



Wire Work Necklace above uses Thai Silver as the centerpiece, with glass and sterling.


Wirework lariate necklace to the right was made by Chris using ceramic and glass beads, and metal charms.

Student testimonials for Wirework Necklace Class:
  • "I now feel confident to do the techniques on my own. I am very proud of my self-proficiency from just one class."
  • "I appreciated the instructor's patience and the one-on-one attention.
Herringbone Weave Bezel-made by student (Lorri)
KISS Soldered Bangle
  • "The instructor took the time to explain the steps carefully & gave details about how soldering works."
  • "The instructor had great enthusiasm and knowledge.
Introduction to PMC
  • "The instructor rocks!"
  • "The steps were explained at a 'doable' pace."
  • "It was easy to get my questions answered, but the best part was actually trying the steps, not just watching a demonstration."
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