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Volunteer Table Sitter Guidelines & FAQ

Thank you for volunteering!

Responsibilities include: 

  • Greet customers
  • Answer questions about the beads
    • Most frequent question: "Where are your beads resourced" Answer to this question: Vicki travels to bead shows and fosters personal relationships with importers and has curated several close relationships over the past 16 and a half years. Beads come from all over the world.
    • Also helps to know a little bit about gemstone properties (don't worry if you don't)
    • Also helps to know minor jewelry/beading techniques 
    • Offer suggestions for how the beads can be used (we'll show you some easy suggestions, such as our Softflex necklace kits with clasps attached, using the one step looper, hanging a pendant on a chain, etc)
  • Support people in buying decisions
  • Let people shopping the sidewalk sale portion to know that there is more in the classroom to see
  • Help people keep trunk show purchases separate from in-store purchases.
  • Escort customers to register with their trunk show purchases
  • Direct people to a Bead Inspirations Associate if you don't know the answer -- Vicki, Lynn, Roberta, and Kat
  • Keep display visually appealing; face the products so that they are neat and tidy; detangle strands; make sure products don't get misplaced
  • Attend to table to keep and eye on products and take measures to prevent loss prevention and theft 
    • *However, your safety is first and foremost, please don't go chasing any robbers! 


  • These are the SET-UP and BREAKDOWN shifts. 
    • Take tables out and set up or breakdown tables and bring back in
    • Set up product outside in a visually appealing; organized and tidy way 
      • Note: Vicki or Roberta will give guidance about the display guidelines, please take note of any instructions she has
      • Examples: which beads stay in the store, and which will be on the sidewalk, keeping things from blowing away
    • When day is over, bring product back in in an organized way.
    • Make sure the tags stay on! 

I hope this offers some clarity as to what the day will look like for you!

Thank you, again, for your help. We are looking forward to seeing you for your shift!



Kat Cabanayan

Volunteer Coordinator for the Trunk Show!

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