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Copper Patina Sheets

These exquisite copper sheets come in array of warm and vibrant patinas. Create stunning as well as playful works using this gorgeous copper.

The patina copper sheets are created using a method that mimics the natural aging process of time called "Earth Burial" patina process and uses a combination of earth, chemicals and fire.  There are Variations in color and darkness.

All the the patina copper sheets have a protective coating of wax.  We recommend that additional coatings are wax only.  The verde and azul patinas get darker in color with additional wax layers.

The 24 gauge copper can be worked as other metals of this gauge.  The 36 gauge coppers is easy to cut with scissors, utility knife, and most paper punches.

All the patina metals can be tumbled, however, they can lose some of their color. The verde and azul lose more color than any of the others when tumbled, up to about 50%.  The other finishes lose 5-20% of their color.  This is not a reason to avoid the tumbler as some actually prefer the look of tumbling.

These sheets can add a striking beauty and colorful playfulness to any creation.  Put in bezels, layer for jewelry, decorate scrapbooks, add to mixed media, fiber art, crafts and woodworking.

Layering both the patina copper and embossed pieces create style and interest.  Add found objects, beads, and embellishments.

Both the patina copper and embossed patina copper look fantastic under resin!  The colors actually deepen and have a wonderful richness and glow.

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