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Tila Stacker Bracelet

Tila Stacker Bracelets 6

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Tila Sherwood Forest Mix

Tila Sherwood Forest Mix


  • Tila Beads - any combination:
    Mix, Full, Half, and/or Quarter
  • Half Tila Substitute Bead
  • .5mm Stretchy/Elastic Cord
  • Size 11/0 Seed Beads (optional)
  • Hypo-Cement

Note: a tube of Tila Mix beads
will make 2-3 bracelets.




  • Simple Knots (Overhand)



  1. From our wide selection of Miyuki Tila Beads, choose your preferred colors and sizes.
  2. Choose a Half Tila Substitute bead. Since the holes of our Half Tila Substitute beads are slightly larger, the knot should be able to be nice hidden within.
  3. Design a pattern you would like or choose an existing template to follow.
  4. Using 0.5mm Stretch Magic and the Big Eye Beading needle of your choice (needle is optional), string one side fully first, than the other (or both at the same time, whatever you find easier).
  5. Tie a knot next to the Half Tila Substitute bead. 
  6. Using the fine tip applicator on the GS Hypo Cement, apply the glue onto the knot and let set/dry.
  7. Once the glue is fully dry (about 10 minutes), cut off any access string you have.
  8. Pull the knot into the Half Tila Substitute bead.
  9. You're ready to go!

Time to start on another Tila Stacker Bracelet!

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