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Tila Stacker Bracelet

Tila Stacker Bracelets 6

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Note: 1 tube of Tila Mix beads makes 2-3 bracelets.


  • Simple Knots



1.Choose and lay out your Miyuki Tila beads and Half Tila Substitute bead.

2. Design a pattern you would like or choose an existing template to follow.

3. Cut 1 foot of Stretch Magic and pre-stretch the cord.

4. Put tape on the end of a 1 foot piece of cord, so the beads don’t fall off the end.

5. String one side first, then the other (or both at the same time, whatever you find easier).

6. After all beads are on, carefully test the length on your wrist. Note: you may want to put a piece of tape on both ends of the cord before doing this, to prevent the beads falling off in the process.

7. Add or subtract beads till you have the length you want. After all the Tila beads are all strung, string on the Half Tila Substitute bead.

8. Tie a knot next to the Half Tila Substitute bead. See visual instructions on back of package of Stretch Magic.

9. Using the fine tip applicator of GS Hypo Cement, apply glue to the knot. Let dry  for 10 minutes.

10. Once the glue is fully dry, cut off excess cord.

11. Pull the knots into the Half Tila Substitute bead.

You did it! Wear and admire your gorgeous bracelet!

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